Florence's wrath on North Carolina, by the numbers

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South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster talks about rising river floodwaters on Monday in Wallace, South Carolina.

South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster warned residents that the hurricane was over but that the flooding threat was not yet done.

“We’ve had two threats. One is the hurricane with the wind and the water and the surge, and that part is over,” he said. “But the second part which has been predicted with great certainty is the flooding, and we know it’s coming.”

“It’s all not here yet, it appears. They are having record flooding in North Carolina, Wilmington I believe is cut-off and other places, and we’ve not experienced that,” McMaster said. 

The governor took an aerial tour over flooded Cheraw, South Carolina.

“Sure enough, it reminded me of earlier floods where you get down close to the forest and you see water, water everywhere. In some places, you could hardly tell where the river was, cause the water was everywhere,” he said. 

Along the coast, the winds and rain are gone, but in the northern part of the state they are having major flooding, McMaster said. He said they are shifting all their resources and attention to river flooding.


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