Opinion: I-95 Wilmington  project not the end of days

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Good afternoon,

Rumors about major roadwork on I-95 in Wilmington surfaced earlierthe year. I checked with DelDOT and nothing was in the works in the short term, I was told

It turned out that the delays will be (pardon the expression) further down the road.

According to a News Journal tome, the two-year project that will begin in 2021 will create traffic nightmares and painted a number of scary scenarios that included everything but killer bees and zombies.


To its credit, DelDOT is working with the community, the story indicated and we now have time to prepare.


The reason for the work is easy to grasp. I-95 is a half-century old and when it comes to Wilmington much of the interstate sits on piers that are subject to weather and a steady diet of salt.

Neglect of the infrastructure nationwide hasled to serious consequences that are only now being addressed. We are all to blame as kneejerk reactions to gas tax and fee increases that lead to duct tape solutions.

This was made worse by legislatorsand officials who made the situation who diverted funds to balance budgets.

Other legislators cynically proposed moving general fund money to transportation,,knowing the result would be spending cuts to other governmental functions.

A sampling of the problems can be seen in the trouble-plagued Route 141-I95 project, which will be completed by the time of the I-95 project.

Still, the $200 million project will create a lot of problems, but there are ways to get in and out of Wilmington that won’t lead to the the end of life as we know it.

As Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers once advised, “Relax.”

Enjoy your summer-like fall day. Winter is coming. – Doug Rainey, publisher.



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